Court Monitors

When a family court is not closed to all, "Court Monitors" are freedom's first defense

Court Monitors. Not all Family Courts are closed. Some are open, if not to the general public, then to designated Court Monitors who can report on the uses and abuses of power in a Family Court.

Monitoring of Family Courts by citizens who are affected by their decisions is a logical function in a democracy. These monitors have been shown to have effected positive change in court practices where they are allowed by law.

Why, then, do most jurisdictions disallow citizen monitoring of family courts?

Once violence is alleged in a family, a jurisdiction is charged with the political task of taking positive actions to curb the violence. By closing off family courts, a jurisdiction can effectively shield itself from all responsibility to be taking effective action based upon its mandate to take effective action to stop domestic violence.

But, it never works that way.

Partner on partner violence is only exacerbated by adversarial and antagonistic lawyers. These same lawyers have a vested interest in promoting antagonistic behavior of their clients. It generates more money for them and the next generation of Family Court Judges who usually come from among their ranks.

Court Monitors help to reveal this very dark side of divorce that wreaks havoc on divorcing couples and puts children at risk of lifetimes of problems, out of control, that were not of their own doing.

If your jurisdiction allows Court Monitors, become one. If not, advocate for Court Monitors. Help save our children.