If you ask "Who are these people? or "What are they doing here? You have an interloper.

Interlopers. So, a friend of your ex, maybe even her father or sister wants to be a witness against you. Find out how these people can twist the truth so badly that a judge cannot err on the side of doubt before it costs him his job.

These people are under no moral obligation to tell the truth, even after swearing upon oath. Their loyalty is to protect their own belief systems. If they believe that you are a DV perpetrator, they will give evidence against you. If they believe that you are a democrat, they will attack your right to existence.

If these people are called into court to provide testimony against you, you must object that they are not qualified and they are extremely hostile. Having been hand picked by your ex is proof that their opinions and bias are overwhelmingly outside societal norms.

Reject interlopers. It ought to be a bumper sticker.