Required Reporters

Thanks to VAWA and HIPPAA we now have a new generation of McCarthyites

Required Reporters. For all the professions mentioned above, most states have strict guidelines under which these professionals must report any "suspected" instances of abuse. Therefore, if your ex has pre-conditioned the children to formulate any of a number of expected responses, you will be reported.

Teachers, kindergarten workers, school bus operators. How far will the law go to require people to report on their neighbors when they suspect something?

We're not talking when a person may reasonably suspect something. We're talking when people may lose their jobs for not making a report of a child who claims that he or she is being abused, though there are no signs.

The major flaw in "Required Reporter" legislation is that these people are not required to restore a family once it has been destroyed by the false allegations of a vindictive parent. They are not responsible for recognizing parental alienation and are not responsible for contributing to the life-long emotional issue a child is likely to suffer from a highly contested divorce.

These things can be fixed.