Marriage and Family Therapists

Social workers edging into the turf of Marriage Psychologist

Marriage and Family Therapists. The specialty is an honorable title to hold. The rhetoric of its practitioners is nearly beyond reproach. If you have one that hasn't fixed your family, you need to know more about OCD and BPD as they are defined in the DSM IV.

The woman I married was matriculated in a Master's program for a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT). She said she wanted to avoid the mistakes her parents were making (being married). I should have seen this as a red flag, but she was a very high functioning BPD and for a man who wanted a family, this was a small fault I could overlook.

When she began getting involved in Domestic Violence work, I didn't question it. Everyone thinks DV is wrong. What I didn't realize is just how far she was stretching the definition of DV.

Today, I have no respect for social workers, psychologists, or this pseudo-educated class of non-professionals who have become important cogs in the machinery of divorce and the anti-family movement.