Parenting Coordinators

In Hawaii, Parenting Coordinators have no statutory authority to intervene in family matters.

Parenting Coordinators. There is a national organization that sets the standard for who can be a parenting coordinator. At a minimum, a person must be a psychologist familiar with family issues and must be a lawyer, or at least have a number of years of experience in law. Who did your judge appoint?

Parenting Coordinator's (PCs) have unlimited power and control over matters affecting your children. Without explicit statutory authority outlining their function in a divorce and family dissolution, they will destroy a family that they've been sent in to "save."

A qualified individual should be a psychologist familiar with family issues, especially parental alienation, and must be a lawyer, or at least have a number of years of experience in law. When interviewing these individuals, before or after appointment to your case, get answers from them on the very complex area of PA.

There are those who believe that it is possible but not likely. I call these the self-deceivers.

Then there are those who understand that PA happens inside and outside of every marriage. These are the people who understand that 80% of children will be exposed to parents saying bad things about each other and that about 20% of divorces--that are also classified as high conflict--have extreme parental alienation in which the children may be permanently disaffected towards the target parent.

While disaffection can happen in actual abuse cases representing about 1 or 2% of family dissolutions, it is far more likely in PA cases and the two can be confused very easily by an uneducated person posing as a professional PC.

In my case, The Children’s Law Center, LLC; Stacy Fukuhara-Barclay and Annabel Murray, were involved in finalizing the permanent separation between me and my children. These two are lawyers pretending to be do-gooder interlopers. They don't understand anything about child psychology and have done far more damage to my children than all the other professionals involved.