Social Workers

When their mission is to change your life, it will not be to your benefit

Social Workers. People become social workers for one of two reasons. 1) They have a true sense of altruism that leads them to self-discovery and enlightenment and they want to give back to their community. or 2) They want to fix people and their problems. Which one do you want working on your case?

I have met social workers with a mission. The best social workers see and report on the homeless, alcoholism, depression and other societal ills that have vast implications for the well-being of a community. They are the field workers who reach out to other human beings in ways that help them want to improve themselves. These are the few social workers who make a difference in our lives.

Then there are the kind that want to change you and me. They want you to conform to their ideology of the world. Often, these social workers come from broken families and have gone through school to learn something they missed out on in their childhood. They don't see the vast majority of people suffering from societal ills but they become advocates for people who share their worldview.

Social workers, mostly women, who work in domestic violence cases often fall into the latter of these two categories. They call themselves survivors and believe that they have empathy for everyone like them. They also believe that anyone who is not like them is also like them, but those women don't know it yet and they will as soon as their husband or boyfriend hits, yells, or cuts up the family credit card.

These people are also adept at taking handouts. They have, likely, personally recieved food stamps, free medical and psychological care, and they are likely recieving child support.

They are the people on the help line, the toll-free employee assistance number, and they are listed in the phone book under many organizations that receive billions of dollars in Federal and State Grant money each year.

I've met a few because my children's mother was one of these people. She hung out with her coworkers who often had split-personalities, bi-polar disorders, and borderline personality disorder. Their personal lives are filled with constant turmoil, yet they are also able to direct the limelight upon themselves as victims of society in news and magazine articles. The high-functioning social workers flood the halls of your state congress to change laws that have the intent to help children but the effect of separating fathers from their children.

Such is the mother of my children.