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Therapeutic Psychologists fail their therapeutic goals the moment they report a false allegation

Psychologists; Therapeutic. A therapeutic psychologists conducts therapy with a patient. They are not investigators and their interactions with their clients is supposed to be confidential. So, why does the court allow therapists to make findings that separate families?

There is nothing more loathsome than a therapeutic psychologist who turns into an investigative psychologist on the word of a child. When this person breaks client confidentiality to make court reports of unsubstantiated allegations of abuse they are breaking the hippocratic oath to do no harm.

Yet, these people are also, under HIPPAA, required reporters. They are required to break their hippocratic oath upon any suspicion of domestic violence. Both true and false allegations are reported equally. They are protected by law from reporting false allegations. All they have to do is get their client, the mother or the children, to make a false allegation. Then they can, against their therapeutic mission, repeat the false allegation.

There is supposed to be an investigation. But any investigation does not matter. The courts will accept the repetition of a false allegation by a therapist from a child as fact. No investigation is necessary. The father / non-custodial / target parent becomes guilty as soon as the therapist repeats the child's words.

The psychologist has now enabled the alienating mother, has reinforced the mother's authority over the child, and has destroyed the therapeutic relationship with the child. The child, recieving positive reinforcement for the false allegations, eats it up and gives them more. Thus, such a therapist makes a child's imaginary problem into a reality and guarantees that the child will be in therapy for a lifetime.

The child abuse continues.