PhD Investigative

When you're kids are mad at you, these people can do a lot of harm.

Psychologists; Investigative. An investigative psychologist is appointed to find evidence of wrongdoing in the family. If they find it, they are considered to be doing a good job. If they don't, they don't get appointed again.

My child was mad that I did not get her a slurpee about a month before the appointment with the Investigative Psychologist. Since I had visitation only twice a week and once every other weekend, I had no idea that she would be mad enough to make up stories about hitting. I had no idea that she was teaching her brother how to repeat those same stories. Guess how this story ended.

It's easy to lose children over false allegations. But you have to wonder, How do children get driven to make them? and Why don't these specialists, who are paid lots of money, ever get it right?

Unfortunately, the specialists aren't getting paid to get it right. They are getting paid because they were appointed by the court to find what is wrong with the parent / child relationship. So, the custodial parent, who is with the children over 90% of the time, has a lot of time to affect the outcome, especially in my case, where she had worked in the DV industry for over 15 years prior to the investigative psychologist getting involved.

Children know where their bread and butter comes from. An older sibling, between 7 and 15, has a lot of influence over a younger one. The alienating parent needs only convince one child that it is in her best interests to get Daddy in trouble. He's not the one providing the roof over her head. He's not the one there to comfort her everynight. And Mommy's gotten him in trouble before, so he must be an easy target.

My children did not turn against me because I didn't buy them a slurpee. My children concocted stories of "hitting" because the alienating parent knew that the making of the allegation was enough to get my visitation suspended permanently.

I was subsequently cleared by CPS after two full investigations. They determined that my parenting methods were different than the custodial parent. Yet, I have still not gotten visitation over two years after the Investigative Psychologist reported to the court and asked for further investigation.