Family Court Lawyers

In a small town, less than 1 million, you will only find one kind of these.

Lawyers. Lawyers advocate for their clients. Then, why would they care about your kids?

Lawyers come in three flavors in family court.

  • The advocate who can defend against untruths and bring a family's plight into relief for a judge to see.
  • The advocate who appears as a defense attorney because the defendant has put up the cash.
  • The prosecutor who seeks to destroy the first type and make sure the second type kowtows to her every wish.

Money comes from a lot of places during divorce and family dissolution. The Father is usually the staple. But Federal and State Governments often provide more money for prosecuting attorneys than all the fathers in any state have.

Family Court lawyers know one thing. Children don't have money.

The Family Court is a secret place where legal proceedings are shielded from public scrutiny in the name of the sanctity of family privacy. So, you will never see a judicial authority accepting responsibility for its actions. Family court representatives protect the confidentiality of family court decisions because "children are involved."

Yet, finding a lawyer who is responsible for and to the children is a rare thing. In Hawaii, we have an odd and perverse arrangement for justice where everyone loses; except the lawyers.