Family Court Judges

Endowed with the responsibility to protect children, the facts prove otherwise.

Judges. Judges are often appointed by legislatures, many of whom are lawyers with experience in divorces and Family Court, who may themselves become judges. Find out how the nomination and approval cycle creates a steady stream of judges with a vested interest in taking control of and dividing families.

The "National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges" names the department in charge of child abuse and neglect activities as the ominous "Permanency Planning for Children Department." Do these judges actually believe that they can wave a magic wand and create a permanent, Disneyland story's end for the children of divorce who come through their charge in the court?

Of course not. Because our children are not the reason these judges are in court.

These are not altruists protecting children. Nor, are they wise kings who care for the interdependency of man and his planet. These are not the stewards of humanity.

Judges come from the ranks of lawyers who, for years, have been gaming the system for power and prestige. Those who find the steady income of divorce and family dissolution soon find out that it is the middle income father who has the steady cash flow to fund their lifestyle. And if the father does not play by the rules the *quite accomodating* family system has set up for him, then the Father can go to jail.

The power that Family judges hold is nearly unlimited. A man can be held in contempt for $1.47 in back child support or be accused and convicted of being a bad parent when their children have been kidnapped and visitation has been witheld against court orders. But judges are not the final arbiter of power in the family courtroom.

The woman who accuses a man of domestic violence is the sole authority in the family courtroom. The judge is merely an enabler; limited by the statutes that bind him or her to act against the child's parent and against the best interest of the child.