Family Courts

Marriages are, by both civil and religious law, a binding contract on both parties. In its most fundamental purpose, the reason for marriage is to provide a constant, safe environment for children to grow and become adults. The family is intended to be a bulwark against the intrusiveness of the state. As long as a married partnership sustains this unified ideal, parents can teach their children anything they know and believe.

The problem is that when people live in close quarters for a long time, conflict becomes an everyday thing. If a married couple knows how to resolve conflict, the children learn. If not, then the family tears apart. The state intrudes on the heels of indecision.

Families are not only subject to the internal stresses of conflict among themselves. Right now, in the U.S.A. there is a concerted effort on behalf of politicians, lawyers, governments, and big business to rend asunder the vows that two people submit to in marriage.

These antagonists are engaged in a very public display of anti-family violence. It's name is called "Domestic Violence Protection." If you look closely at the rhetoric of the "DV" advocates, you see that their policies are providing incentives for women to leave their husbands and the practice is increasing at epidemic levels. The children have become the financial prize, that can provide a woman income for a generation or more. And, at the same time, the father of the child is removed.

DV advocates are very successful at what they do because they prey on the fear within every person that a woman or a child might be hurt. The problem is that these advocates have no facts upon which to base their campaigns of fear in much the same way that McCarthy had nothing but lewd insinuations of anti-Americanism to allow gross injustices under our democracy. The difference between DV advocates and McCarthyism is that the Irishman's ruse was small potatoes compared to what is happening in America today.

    When government stopped enforcing the marriage contract it began enforcing the divorce decree. The result was not the removal of the state from family life but an explosion of extensive and intrusive governmental instruments whose sole purpose is intervention in families. Once again, the leverage comes through children."
    "Taken into Custody" Stephen Baskerville"

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