Family Education

Many of us are looking for solutions to the high-stresses that family life in the U.S. these days imposes upon us. It's a myth that there's nobody that will teach you how to be a better parent. You can prepare yourself for family life and you can improve your relationship with your spouse and kids. These are my favorite solutions.

FETCH. The Family Education Training Center of Hawaii (FETCH), University of Hawaii, Manoa Campus ( restarted its operations in 2004. FETCH is an IRS 501(c)(3) organization coordinating volunteer professionals and university students to provide services to families under stress. It is one of the few comprehensive family education centers that focuses on the entire family. In their few years of operation, they have helped hundreds of families get a better perspective on what it means to be a family. Find out more here >> FETCH Roots

Also, look for these two classic, proven, family raising titles, Effective Discipline in the Home and School and Children the Challenge on

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Active Parenting Today. The readers digest version of FETCH. I don't mean this disparagingly. This course is given nationally by many qualified individuals. If you have been court ordered to attend family education classes, it is likely that this model is the one you will attend. In six lessons, you can get the basics that can lead to a happier, better functioning family. They even have online classes. Find out more information about Active Parenting classes. >> Active Parenting

Freud, Jung, Adler, Dreikurs. Freud=Sex. Jung=Dreams. Who is Adler? The short answer. He was a contemporary of Freud and Jung. Adler and his model of child development and family is more practical. Dreikurs developed these ideas even further and the philosophy is so simple that anyone can do it. That is, if we can change our habits. I'd like to tell you a little bit more and suggest a few books to read. >> Psychological Memes

Democracy and the Family. A democratic society is built by people who have democratic ideals. The ideal place for teaching democracy is in the home. Find out more about why it is so important to treat your family members with respect. >> Family Democracy

Encouragement. Does your child need milk? ...a toy? Beyond a certain point, children can often do for themselves far more than we are willing to acknowledge. Encouragement is more important than any other skill a parent can learn. You are the child's sunshine and water. You, the parent, are the giver of birth to an individual. Learning to encourage individuality is your job. More to come...

Special Time. Do you give your chid 10 minutes of special time each day? Learn how this powerful practice can help cement a bond of friendship between you and your child that will last a lifetime. >> Special Time

Family Council. How do you compliment a family member? How do you resolve issues? Are you scheduling fun time together? Are you giving your kids a choice and a say in how the family functions? Find out more about the Family Council. Your kids are never too young to have a voice in the family. >> Family Council

Classes to avoid. Some family education classes are not what they appear to be. If you have been told that you must admit all your faults and then admit to faults that you don't believe you have, then you are probably in one of these classes to avoid. The recidivism rate is very high. Once you get out of the brainwashing, re-education sessions you find out that this is not how the world works. Take a look at the classes and the idealists who sponsor them. >> Classes to avoid