Shared Parenting

This initiative has the potential to balance the scales of justice in favor of the children who are the victims of so many senseless court actions initiated by one parent for revenge against another. "SAVE THE CHILDREN" Here's the real deal.

What is Shared Parenting? Shared Parenting is the presumption for Joint Physical and Legal Custody in a divorce when neither parent is found unfit. >> What is SP

Shared Parenting Facts & Fictions Shared Parenting is often disputed because there are so many people who profit from the fictions. Find out more here. >>

Who is For Shared Parenting? Any one who has read the research can clearly see that children do better when both parents get along. Every married couple should be for this initiative. It removes the motivation to divorce simply to win custody and the financial benefits of single parenting. >> Those For SP

Who is Against Shared Parenting? Lawyers, judges, psychologists, and social workers stand to lose a guaranteed income stream from divorcing parents. Would be parent child abductors also reject the notion that this initiative is fair. Take a look at some of the propaganda and misinformation being fed to legislators, news reporters, and the general public. >> Those Against SP

Shared Parenting Initiative Join Glenn Sacks and American Coalition for Father's and Children (ACFC) as they bring the Shared Parenting Initiative into the public sphere of knowledge. >> ACFC SP Initiative

What U.S. States have adopted this Parenting Model? Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wisconsin all have statutory language that promotes the shared parenting concept. Parents in these states have equal access to their children in a divorce. >> Shared Calendaring

Model State Law for Shared Parenting >> Model Statute

What Can I DO? >> Model Statute