I Hate You, Don't Leave Me

Understanding the Borderline Personality

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When you see the title of this book, the words "I HATE YOU" are in black-lined, red caps and take up more than half the cover. The words "don't leave me" are there too. Small, yellow letters fade into the pale blue of the cover. Don't we know which are more powerful?

Being a MAN is about being stoic; strong, and silent. Both our mothers and our fathers taught us this. The blood red bold is the sound of the incoming shell. The jaundiced yellow is the sound of the fellow soldier calling for a medic.

How did stoicism make me a testosterone fueled, domestic violence perpetrator and pedophiliac abuser as well as a domineering patriarch and subjugator of women? The path is convoluted. But the women who are afflicted with BPD can explain a lot.

How does BPD sabotage long-term-committments, such as marriage and parenthood? Is there a relation between she showing no emotion at the alter and you breaking down? She couldn't balance the checkbook but she had control over it. What was that all about?

It seemed like she loved the kids, while you were at work, but she had no problem passing them off to you and doing her own thing once you got home from your job. Was that normal?

Why were they sick so often? How did your child learn all the man-hating songs of Disney movies and pop-radio? Why did your children draw so many pictures with daddy mad at mommy?

Yeah! This book is a cathartic, definite-read.