Taken Into Custody

The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family

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I've read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but like most Americans I'm not always sure how these documents apply to our daily lives. Stephen Baskerville's narrative is shrill excerpt to those of us who have been caught in the system of divorce in the U.S.

Where Dean Tong invoked fear into us regarding the things that can be done to a man, Mr. Baskerville describes, in detail, the mechanism that allows a citizen's Constitutional rights to be abbrogated despite the facts that no crime has been committed.

TIC educates the reader on the historical context in which a family has been at the center of democratic values and how "no-fault divorce" is the greatest threat to the fabric of our modern society since McCarthyism.

TIC describes the social forces that have permitted fringe elements of our society nearly complete control over areas of jurisprudence such that not even the most powerful politicians are willing to engage them for fear of losing their elected positions.

On a personal note, TIC explains how one powerfully connected--yet angry and vengeful--ex-spouse can inflict harm on hundreds--if not thousands--of families in our small community.

Why do you need to know? Because, the devil is in the details and your legislature is their target. If you haven't been stirred to action by now, you and your children will know the consequences of being the strong and silent husband.