Cooperative Parenting

Our Parenting Coordinator failed to return this book to me.

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Honestly, I don't know what could be a higher form of flattery than to have this book--that I loaned to our Parenting Coordinator--missing now for almost two years. The PC was terminated from our case because of her bias and incompetence. I realise there may be some good intentioned individuals out there, but I am now permanently biased against PC's.

No one, but you and your ex, are qualified to decide what happens to your kids after divorce. From the publishers of the Active Parenting line of materials, step through the mirror of understanding in this guided excercise.

This book will not tell you what is wrong with your ex-spouse; the other parent of your children. This book will tell you how to treat your children's other parent with respect.

It's best if you are way past the point of ever considering getting back together with a relationship that has died. It does not matter who's fault it was. And perhaps this is the only place to understand the concept of no-fault divorces.

Cut the crap. Quit arguing. Quit blaming. Put your kids first.