Building a Parenting Agreement that Works

How to put your kids first when your marriage doesn't last

How can a boilerplate parenting plan ever apply to my kids?

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Well... I would ask another question. Can you, financially, give your kids and their other parent everything that they will ever need in their lives?

The census data involving kids of broken homes makes your chance of answering this second question "Yes" very slim.

What is evident, from reams of census and court data around the U.S., is that your kids will have the same problems as most other kids of divorce. Where Cooperative Parenting addressed how to treat your children's other parent with respect, this tome gives you a step by step guide of every problem that a kid is likley to have when faced with a lifetime of permanently divorced parents.

Mimi E. Lyster does not simply provide a checklist of things your kids need. She reinforces the cooperative parenting style that works to make divorced kids normal. By focusing on and demanding parental cooperation, this professional mediator gets right to the heart of divisive issues, such as religion, holidays, health care, education, and ongoing decision making.

Put this book in your library. Cross your fingers. And, if and when the time arrives to sit at a table with your ex, make sure you and your mediator are familiar with the contents of this book.

Take the boilerplate and build it into your child's future.