Divorce Casualties

Protecting Your Children From Parental Alienation

Haven't we gone over this before?

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Yes. If you think you are noticing a pattern here, it is not simply repetition. Douglas Darnall, PhD., reinforces the concept of PA with more detailed examples of how children can be alienated. He emphasizes the degree to which alienation can impact the most important people, our children, who all too often become casualties of the divorce process.

But, perhaps even more than this--because all of these authors want us to prevent more damage to our children--the concept of PA is being repeated more frequently and more eloquently by more authors educated in the concepts of PA. More qualified individuals, such as Dr. Darnall, are intervening on behalf of and making a beneficial change in the lives of the children who have, so often, been the victims. More people understand PA seriously. That can be a big benefit to your children.

Dr. Darnall presents more case studies, bulleted lists, and comprehensive checklists for you to continue to become familiar with the depth and breadth of the pervasive and corrosive nature of Parental Alienation.

As with every good therapist, Dr. Darnall attempts to help you to hold the mirror up to yourself critically. Mother's are not the only ones who alienate. Father's are not the only targets of alienation. Divorce Casualties takes you through case studies and interactive excercises intended to identify the obstacles we make for ourselves in the Parental Alienation process.

Right... I'll repeat that.

As targets of PA, we sometimes want to blame others, but it takes two to dance; ALWAYS. Therefore, the best way that we can help our kids is to become aware of the many ways that we are sabotaging our own best intentions.

When I step into a courtroom, the last thing that I want to do is blame the other parent. But, the adversarial nature of the Family Court is a family dividing shame that our country has produced. Therefore, if I am going to blame someone else for my child's PA, I want to be absolutely sure that I have cleansed my conscience as much as is humanly possible.

Dr. Darnall's methods are intended to help us educate ourselves. When we educate our selves in this thorough manner, we can become advocates against the incredible harm occuring all across our country to all of our children.

Don't forget this book on your reading list.