Divorce and PA

Statistics in divorce cases from many major studies put the ratio of children placed with the Mother at over 80 percent. Father's get custody less than 15% of the time. The rest are joint custody cases. Such a small percentage of parents doing the right thing for their children has a great impact upon our society.

Statistics also reveal that mothers are usually the ones who initiate divorce proceedings. The man may be forced out of the home or the woman may flee with the children. When court papers are filed, the man--the father--, is the one who is shut out of the children's lives.

The litigious and adversarial court system that is set up to handle divorces, the Family Court, pitts one parent against another. Whether they want to or not, each parent has to prove that the other parent is not fit to be a parent. With this kind of motivation, the mother, who is usually the custodial parent, has a big incentive to make allegations of domestic abuse, both physical and sexual, against the father. And this is what happens.

Fathers are kicked out, often before they know what has happened, and driven out of the children's lives. They may be arrested for the alleged domestic or sexual violence. Their careers may be destroyed. And the mother may turn to the chid and tell her what a deadbeat her dad is. "See, didn't I tell you that's the way your father is?"

While there are some extraordinary cases where a mother abandons her children and husband, she has a great financial and emotional incentive to take the kids with her. They are her bargaining chip for a generation of child support payments.

That is how Fathers become the targets of Parental Alienation. It is built into the structure of our legal system and the instance occurrs with such regularity that judges, lawyers, psychologists and others have learned not only how to cash into the deep pockets of fathers, but also how to perpetuate the causes and effects, driving up divorce rates and reaping the benefits.

But, as heinous as the system has become, it is not the worst thing. Because the alienation this system engenders destroys the lives of the children it was meant to protect.