Fathers and PA

Fathers who use parental alienation as a defense in Family Court find themselves subjected to a battery of accusations.

  • "It's the defense of a pedophile and batterrer."
  • "This batterrer and pedophile is using PA to accuse her of brainwashing her children."
  • "This child has expressed every desire to NOT see her father and this court should not force it."

Fathers are in a no-win situation with the corrupting attack of PA. The children lose, the father loses. The mother wins custody at the cost of a great emotional toll upon her children.

Mother often has the resources of feminist organizations as well as psychologists who are happy to support their behavior as reasonable and dismiss the child's concerns. These professionals and interlopers often exacerbate the problem by justifying and reinforceing the alienation that the child expresses.

This is a topic with a lot of nuances that can be easily misinterpreted even by the most educated psyhologist. Learn how to express what is happening to you by reading "Divorce Casualties" by Douglas Darnall, PhD. and "Divorce Poison by Dr. Richard A. Warshak.

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  1. You'll find out that you have a lot of company.
  2. You'll find out that we all have an uphill battle to see our kids again.