Is PA a Syndrome?

Parental Alienation is a series of behaviors that lead children to believe that one parent is less important than another. We all have our moments when we wish the ex would just go away. But when children are involved, this wish is not realistic and can be very harmful.

But is it a Syndrome?

According to Michael Bone, PhD, symptoms of parental alienation can appear in children in mild, moderate, or severe degrees. In severe cases, the alienating parent will convince the child that the other parent has no business being in their life. Things that the alienating parent will say include statements that you and the child know to be false, such as:

  • "Your Father never wished you were born."
  • "He beat you when you were very young. Don't you remember?"
  • "He doesn't call or write and he's not paying child support."

In general, a custodial parent with sole custody has far greater opportunity to engage in a campaign of parental alienation. The constant drone of statements similar to the above will convince the child that they believe the father is bad. They will begin to express for themselves a desire to never see the target parent ever again. They will give the custodial parent the behavior that gets them the love they so desperately need as a child.

When a child is brainwashed into believing a hundred untruths about the non-custodial, target parent, there appears to be consensus among psychologists and other professionals that the child is suffering from a syndrome.

The syndrome is characterized by an intense hatred towards the target parent, and as the child grows and embodies the poisons taught, the hatred turns against the custodial parent. These children lose the half of themselves that is the target parent. Then lose the trust and love they thought they had for the custodial parent. In many long-term studies of alienated children, these alienated adults suffer one problem after another in their tumultuous lives.

While most children of divorce will experience mild to moderate alienation, the severe cases occur far too frequently. These citizens and future leaders of our country carry deep scars of parental love denied.

Currently, it is not in vogue to acknowledge that Parental Alienation could be a syndrome of epidemic proportions. So, I leave it to you to look around at the rate of divorce and discord among your friends and relatives to tell you what the truth is.