Parental Alienation

Did You Know That... Parental Alienation is a form of Child Abuse?

What is Parental Alienation? If you have ever been falsely accused of domestic or sexual violence against your children--and you know that the allegations are not true--you have an uphill battle. Find out about the behaviors that indicate Parental Alienation here >> What is PA

Is Parental Alienation a Syndrome? There are several schools of thought on this topic. Dr. Richard A. Gardner first coined the phrase in 1985 and testified in many court cases. Alas, after his suicide, he is both loved and villified over the more than 40 books and 250 articles he wrote. Sadly today, feminists have convinced the family court industry in most states that PAS is not real. Find out more about the controversy here >> Is PA a Syndrome

How does PA affect Father's Rights? If your child grows up watching television, he or she will inevitably see frequent depictions of the bumbling, fool, idiot, father who can't do anything right. You may also be watching the news and see politicians and law enforcement officials touting their campaigns against deadbeat dads. These are not disconnected issues. If you have been in family court, you know how fast your constitutional rights to due process fade away. Find out about Father's Rights and PA here >> Father's Rights

How is PA used in Divorce? If you are the father; very carefully. If you are the custodial mother, the 16mm Howitzers are loaded and pointed at you. Divorce should not cause PA, but the evidence appears to support that PA behaviors increase during divorce and--in as many as 80% of separations--it will be used against you. If you ever felt set-up and your child heard, "I told you Daddy's like that," you need to read more about PA in Divorce >> Divorce

Why do Feminists discredit PA? Lawyers, judges, psychologists, and social workers are, usually, well-intentioned people caught in a family disecting machine. The engine of the machine is "the best interests of the child." Every mother wants to protect their child (every father does, too, but we don't hear much about that side). That's where the feminists come in. They tie rape, child abuse, domestic violence, deadbeat dads, suicide-murders, and serial killers to the patriarchal roots of our society. Find out more about how militant feminist organizations have kept PA from being considered a serious issue in our culture today >>PA Other

Parental Alienation Awareness Day Has your Governor joined the two Presidents and 16 state Governors who have signed proclamations to make April 25th, "Parental Alienation Awareness Day?" As U.S. citizens, as humans growing up in the most idealistically democratic society on the planet, as humans who respect each other and recognize that our enemies are just like us, we owe it to ourselves to stop abusing our children. Find out what you can do >> PA Awareness Day