Parents Without (PWP) is an International, Non-Profit, Educational Organization Devoted to the Interests of Single Parents and Their Children. "The problems are many in bringing up our children alone..." begins the web site.

My experience with divorce, separation, kidnapping of the children, and a long history of false allegations against me are not easy to share with most people. What I enjoyed about this non-profit group is they have lived through what I've been through.

I went regularly to the PWP monthly picnic in beautiful Kewalo Basin-- Diamond Head to the East and the sunset in the West-- the second Saturday of each month. Sometimes members would bring guitars and ukuleles. Sometimes we played bingo, but always we sat and talked story over good food.

My kids--for the short time that I did have visitation with them--developed friendships with other kids of divorce and broken homes. They learned that they were not alone, their family was not abnormal and, to this day--all grown, they know how to recognize others who are going through the same confusion that divorcing parents sometimes bring upon them.

PWP is a group of single parents who understood more about me and my children than any psychologist, lawyer or judge ever could have. The message is clear.

Single, Non-Custodial Parents are not alone.

Look for a chapter in your area. Join them at their many "Let's Eat Out (LEO)" gatherings. Talk story and let them help you get your life back together. Click on the link at right to go to the PWP National homepage. If you are passionate about our children, re-start a Chapter in our area.