For my children

to the smallest U.S. state in the largest body of water on the planet
I am near my kids.
Wish I could be with them.

I dedicate my life to them

Such a short time for kids to be kids. A Non-Custodial Dad's lament.

I have a wonderful girlfriend with two kids. We've been through over a hundred family education classes together. It feels great to tell them, from experience, how important their Dad is to them. My kids grow. I send letters and gifts. I'm lucky to get a school picture.

I am angry and tired of seeing Father's lose custody in over 85% of divorce cases, many of which are initiated by women who simply want to trade up to a better husband and reap child support. It is appalling how many women are calculating their profits and your demise.

I want to start a chapter of "Fathers and Families" in Hawaii. To do this, I know a handful of people who would be willing to lend their time as board members but I need enough funding to create a stable non-profit organization. Contact me for more information.

Today, the money you contribute is going to help me send mailers about fathers and the children they love. My goal is to support family education programs that teach respect and encouragement for all family members. My goal is to strengthen families, reduce divorce, reduce domestic violence, and help American families achieve the dream of democracy itself. I want nothing more than the best possible society for our children to grow up in.

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