is a Father's Help Web Site for Hawaiian Fathers.

The topics on this web site are particularly geared towards Fathers who find themselves embroiled in child custody issues in the First Circuit Family Court in the State of Hawaii. (Mostly Oahu.) This web site and blog is dedicated to helping you avoid the mistakes I made. Also, in these pages, you will see that feminist rhetoric about domestic violence has three major and sometimes deadly flaws; 1) men don't commit most DV, 2) women won't admit to DV, and 3) divorce victimizes children. Get educated on the issues that affect you and your kids.


Children do not normally turn away from a parent who has shown them love. It takes a consistent campaign of Parental Alienation to turn them against you. Children grow, mature, and grow old with PA scars that never heal.

PA Book List. These are my selections for a comprehensive understanding of what you and I are facing.

Who are the people you will see in your Family Courts. What are their agendas? Does anyone care about you or your children? I will try to point you in the right direction to find answers to all these very important questions.

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It is so easy in divorce and child custody matters to throw good money after bad. Find out the type of Family Education that is worth your time. Learn to teach children democratic values. Find out the most effective way to minimize and eliminate the threat of domestic violence inside your home.

Children have a right to both parents. That is the banner call of the Children's Rights Council . Meet these extraordinary people and join them in the good work that they do.

Shared Parenting is an initiative to help bring justice into the courtroom. It is a paradigm shift away from the tender years doctrine and towards the true meaning of the best interests of the child. Find out who is for and who is against shared parenting.

We all need somewhere to turn to in times of need. Find out about Parents without Partners. They helped me through the difficulties of reuniting with my kids, if only for such a short time.


MY EX IS ANGRY! and she wants you to pay. The kidnapper of my children threw everything in the book at me. Hundreds of false allegations. Constant reports to the police. She even had me thrown in jail because I dropped the kids off at the "wrong" police station. I haven't seen my kids in nearly 4 years. The current order requires three therapists to collaborate and tell the court that I am worthy to be a parent to my children. Federal HIPAA rules make this impossible. My ex is active as a domestic violence victim's advocate. She gets funding from the domestic violence industry and helps get legislation passed that funds the pro-divorce, anti-family, and anti-father movement.

Like every kid who grew up in an intact home in the '50s and '60s, I had reason to believe that, when I started a family, we would stay together. Find out what tore us apart in the Original Story .

From the first temporary restraining order, see how easy it is to get caught in the dangerous game that tore apart my life and perhaps yours, too, in The Years.

Like you, I come from a long line of ancestors. Mine are European. Click this link for a photobook of my family as I know it. Feel free to order one.