Child Abduction
is Child Abuse
Visitation delayed is visitation denied.
Visitation denied is a childhood lost
to both the parent and child.
Your ex may be very angry at you. Prepare yourself for what may happen next.

To my kids.Years have come and go. You're getting older. You are learning new things everyday and growing into adults. Your cousins have birthdays, marriages and birth announcements and you're the last to know. Your aunts and uncle know that something is amiss at every family gathering. Grandma and Grandpa don't want to let go of the precious memories and time they have spent with you. We are all getting older. And this is the key to what is happening in your lives. My wish for you is that you learn to capture the moment. So many love you that have not had the time to express their love. You are old enough. It is in your hands. Give us all the chance to return into your lives.


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Boston Globe Sunday Magazine Features Fathers and Families, Ned Holstein, 6/21/2011 "Old-fashioned gender bias. Just as it hurts women in the workplace, we think men and children are hurt in family court by the same bias. Judges still award [physical] custody to mothers by default; fathers still see their children every other weekend and maybe Tuesday nights. It's a cookie-cutter solution that has outlived its usefulness."
Fathers and Families is now National Parents Organization